When it comes to Amateur football in Northern Nevada we are bold enough to stand alone, here's your opportunity to see why, and be a part of something bigger...something greater...something ONE!

Those of you that are fortunate enough to don the Black, Blue and White will understand the purpose of ONE. 

WE cannot measure greatness if OUR efforts are only good, just as WE cannot measure extraordinary if OUR efforts are only great. WE set the standard, WE set the tempo with hard work, preparation and consistency WE will achieve whatever it is that WE set as OUR goal. Lets become what it is WE want to achieve!

Who we are -  

The Nevada Dream is an Amateur Football team for those in the transition from HS/JuCo to College or post-College to Pros. We are a member of the West Coast Football Alliance and are in our second year as an organization. We are composing our team annually from top talent within the Reno and greater Reno areas. Our team was founded on a need for competitive football in our community. We will represent what our community would expect of any organization that dares to bare the state name!

Nevada Dream Bio -

The Nevada Dream was formed in 2012 by two local former professional athletes with the intention of giving local young men a second chance at achieving their dreams, whether that be getting a scholarship to college or getting experience to move up to the next level. The Nevada Dream was formed in hopes of bringing minor league football to the community and give the area something to be proud of and believe in after the demise of the Professional Indoor Team the Reno Barons. The Dream consists of some of the areas greatest and undiscovered talent ranging from high school all the way up to the professional level. In 2012, the Nevada Dream in its first season, competed in the GDFL West Division and had a chance to play in the Championship. The Dream also played in and won the California Football Civil War.
In 2013 the focus for the Dream is to finally solidify Northern Nevada football and achieve the dreams and goals of our players and community. The Dream was built on hard work, faith, family, commitment and community. The Dream in 2013 bring back an All-Star cast from the front office to the Head Coach Ryan Johnson in his second year with the team.

Nevada Dream Mission Statement -

At Nevada Dream Football our goal is to provide an environment for athlete development and community enrichment, that supports the pursuit of the highest level of success, athletically, and culturally for the growth of the whole person in the tradition of excellence not only on the field but in life. The purpose of Nevada Dream Football is to bring quality family entertainment to the community and to support the overall mission, goals and objectives of the athlete by complimenting the pursuit of athletic excellence. Nevada Dream Football is built on H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Pursue Excellence) and L.E.A.D. (Learn Educate Appreciate Develop).


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